Chinese Academy of Science scholar’s year in Chester

Pengfei Wang
Pengfei Wang

The University of Chester’s growing links with China have been further strengthened through the work of a visiting scholar, who has been based at the Riverside Campus for a year since February 2016. Pengfei Wang is from the Technology Transfer Centre at Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and NanoBionics (SINANO), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), one of the top advanced science academic institutions in China. The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) awarded her a scholarship to support her development and research, based at the University of Chester’s Business Research Institute, under the supervision of Professor Phil Harris and Dr Wing Lam.

Pengfei was educated as a scientist and engineer and holds Master’s and Bachelor Degrees in Material Science and has more than 10 years’ managerial and practical experience in intellectual property (IP) management work, developing technology transfer initiatives and advanced planning on technology co-operation in China. She has a good knowledge of patent law, entrepreneurship, Chinese Government Policy, nano-technology patents and associated advanced analysis. She is a certified Registered Patent Agent of China, IP Specialist of CAS, IP Engineer of Jiangsu Province, and Registration Technology Agent.

During her stay, she has aided a number of regional businesses, including EA Technology at Capenhurst, in supporting their collaborative work in China. Pengfei has visited a number of university research centres and businesses across the UK and has developed strong links across the University of Chester, including at Thornton Science Park.

Suzhou, Pengfei’s home city, has two major claims to fame: its industrial park, which is the largest in the world, has output equivalent to 80% of UK GDP; and the fact that it is a UNESCO World Heritage City because of its renowned Ming Gardens, which resulted in it being known as “Heaven on Earth” to this day. Historically, it was also the home and distribution centre of the silk industry.

On her departure to return to China, Pengfei said: “I greatly enjoyed my time in Chester and the UK, appreciated the support of colleagues and the community and I made many new friends who welcomed me and my family. The University has provided major support for my personal development and work. This has been greatly appreciated. I am very happy to act as an ambassador to any Chester initiatives that are targeted at my region in China. I have learnt a great deal from sharing experiences and observing advanced best practice in the UK. “I am pleased to be a good friend of the University and Chester and will aid future collaboration and initiatives between our two countries in any way I can.”

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