International lobbying and public affairs explored in two global books

Prof Harris BRI
Professor Phil Harris

TWO major new books exploring international public affairs and lobbying in the European Union at the time of the Government’s Brexit negotiations and across the globe have been edited by a Professor at the University. Professor Phil Harris, Executive Director of the University’s Business Research Institute, has co-edited Lobbying in Europe (Palgrave Macmillan) with Professor Alberto Bitoni.

This book gives an up-to-date picture of the vast and dynamic industry of lobbying and Public Affairs in Europe, not only at EU level, but specifically in each of the 28 EU Member States. Using contributions from political scientists and lobbyists from each country, the volume offers a comprehensive review of the European lobbying industry, tackling elements such as the institutional framework and the political culture of each country, the perception of lobbyists by public opinion and politicians, the professionalisation and the numbers of the industry in each country, the regulation of the sector through dedicated laws, self-imposed ethical codes and so on.

Following three years and the collaboration of over 100 authors, practitioners and researchers worldwide, the Sage Handbook of International Corporate and Public Affairs edited by Professor Harris and Craig S. Fleisher, the Chief Learning Officer at Aurora WDC, Madison, USA has been published. The handbook is being launched in Beijing, Brussels, London, Stockholm and Washington DC and has a focus on trade, negotiations and international public affairs communication. It is the first full book produced from the work of the University’s Business Research Institute and draws upon a number of staff from across the university, such as Professor Danny Moss, from the Faculty of Business and Management, as well as several visiting Professors.

Lord Tom McNally, Chair of the Youth Justice Board and former Deputy Leader of the House of Lords, said: “This Handbook provides essential reading and analysis for practitioners, potential clients and academics.”

Professor Harris said: “The University has an international reputation for producing books in the field of public affairs which explain in depth how political campaigning, lobbying and pressure groups work globally. These are capstone books for those in business and society, who want to effectively monitor modern economies and society and influence policy and trade deals and reflect them. “Lobbying in Europe has been referred to both as the Brexiters’ or Remainers’ Handbook as it comprehensively outlines how lobbying works in all 28 Member States and the European Commission. The Handbook is the global text outlining the core functions and critical issues in Public Affairs global politicians and businesses need to understand to be effective.”

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