Research & Publications

Key research themes

We seek contributions from the business community, research partners and academics who are interested in any of the following key research themes:

  • The development and promotion of small and medium sized sustainable businesses;
  • Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Management;
  • The development and promotion of family businesses;
  • The facilitation of companies and organisations to be able to export to and gain investment from China and South East Asia;
  • Development of business in particular industries, for example Chemical industry, Energy, Food and Financial Services;
  • Political risk;
  • Political marketing.

PhD students – We are very interested in hearing from quality research students who have a commitment to any of our key research themes or other relevant topics.  Please contact us to discuss.

Doctoral student dissertation areas include:

  • Development of resilient businesses.
  • Economic zone development and regeneration.
  • Social enterprise development in China.
  • Corporate social responsibility.
  • Public affairs management.
  • Political risk management.