The BRI has identified a number of particular research foci that have special relevance for the communities that it seeks to serve:
  • The development and promotion of small and medium sized sustainable enterprises
  • The facilitation of these and other companies and organisations to be able to export to and gain investment from China and South East Asia
  • The particular issues that face family businesses
  • The development of impact studies to aid regional competitiveness for core business areas and businesses, including Chemical Industry, Energy, Food and Financial Services.
  • The evaluation of organisational business policies, networks and structures to foster and sustain business competitiveness
  • The impact of corporate social responsibility and ethically and value based business on competitiveness.
  • Recruit and develop doctoral students internationally and nationally to sustain research in the above key areas to help sustain development and research.
  Our current research projects

Internationalisation, sustainability development and key barriers facing businesses: A comparative study of the UK and China

The importance of international market has long been recognised by businesses of all sizes, this is particularly relevant for the resource-bound small and medium size enterprises (SMEs).   Under the prolonged economy uncertainty since 2008 and the unpredictable consequence of Brexit, businesses are eager to explore international opportunities, either in the form of sales, manufacturing and/or purchasing.  READ MORE HERE AND HELP US WITH OUR RESEARCH Also:
  1. Developing a Venture Assessment Framework (VAF) for Entrepreneurial Finance in the Crowdfunding Industry
  2. Chinese Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Chinese Family Business – a longitudinal study
  3. Developing a dynamic international entrepreneurship and performance model: A comparative study of Chinese and UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  4. Understanding Ethnic Minority Enterprise from an Enterprise Culture Perspective
  5. Cross-Cultural Management of MNCs in China: Case study of Volkswagen and Pepsi in China
  6. Interplay between gender diversity, female entrepreneurship and the business service industries
  7. In partnership with Beijing Foreign Studies University, to develop Marco Polo Annual Forum to facilitate trade and communication between China and Europe
  8. In partnership with Dalian Nationality University, to develop linkage between Northwest of UK and Dalian

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