Stuart Roper

Stuart Roper is Professor of Marketing where he joined the School of Management in May 2014. Prior to this he spent nearly 10 years at Manchester Business School where he was Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Director of Postgraduate programmes. His latest book is Corporate Reputation, Brand and Communication and was published by Pearson in 2012 deals with contemporary issues, difficulties and opportunities in managing brands and corporate reputation in the 21st Century. He is co-author of the book Corporate Reputation and Competitiveness with Gary Davies (2003). As such he is a well known authority in the field of corporate branding and reputation management.

Stuart’s work is also published in prestigious academic journals such as the Journal of Business Research, Psychology and Marketing, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Equal Opportunities International and Corporate Reputation Review amongst others and focuses on many aspects of brands and branding. Stuart is the Chair of the UK Academy of Marketing’s special interest group in Branding, Identity and Corporate Reputation.